On August 30, 2019, 8:50 p.m., two people were killed in LaVerne, when their Toyota Corolla was struck by an Acura Integra the police were chasing. The collision occurred near White Avenue and College Lane. First responders extracted two people from the Corolla and three from the Acura. All five people were transported to a hospital. The two drivers died at the hospital. The remaining victims were listed in critical condition. The deceased victim was 68 year old Marlet Reyes of La Verne. The driver who caused the collision also died. ABC 7 Coverage

Generally in California, police departments cannot be held liable for vehicle pursuits that cause injuries or death, so long as the department has a policy in place and the officers say in writing they understand that policy. (Ramirez v. City of Gardena, (2018) 5 Cal. 5th 995.)) This decision effectively closes a loophole that allowed families to recover for injuries caused when police departments failed to ensure all officers understand and agree to follow the department’s pursuit policies.