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Here at Hobbs Law Group, giving back is important.  This year we are proud to announce that through Fight for the Forgotten we funded a water well in Uganda that will help bring safe clean drinking water to about 400 people. The well is very simple by American standards, but is a massive step up where no infrastructure exists.

Clean water is still a massive health concern in the developing world, and water-born illness kills 3.4 million people per year according to the world health organization.  I was shocked when I heard the scope of the problem.

Fight for the Forgotten is empowering local people to make lasting changes in their communities.  Founder, Justin Wren is a successful MMA fighter.  He has a touching story of  personal struggle and triumph, through which he found purpose helping the downtrodden Pigmy people in the Congo.  I encourage you too look him up and I expect you too will be inspired to give back.


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