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Laceration Injury Claims

Deep lacerations can result in significant blood loss, scarring, infection, and even the loss of limb. These wounds are often caused by glass or metal, which leaves the skin and tissue jagged and torn. If you suffered a laceration injury through the negligent actions of another, Hobbs Law Group can help you seek justice. Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can evaluate your situation and protect your rights to rightful compensation.

Whether you suffered wounds in a motor vehicle collision, a workplace accident, or in some other capacity, you shouldn’t have to bear the financial burdens of another person’s mistakes.

It costs nothing to speak with a Los Angeles laceration injury lawyer about your case. Our dedicated legal team has the resources to handle all injury cases on a contingency-fee basis.

Laceration injuries caused by blunt force trauma

Laceration injuries are typically the result of blunt force trauma.  The severity of these wounds depends on the location and depth of injury.  Accidents with heavy machinery, tools, and other sharp objects are frequent causes of lacerations and can result in extensive bleeding and significant pain.

Deeper and more expansive lacerations require immediate medical treatment to minimize hemorrhaging and prevent permanent disfigurement. Laceration injuries are often contaminated with debris and bacteria from the object that penetrated the tissue, increasing the risk of infection.

Characteristics of laceration wounds that need medical care include those where:

  • Bone, fat, muscle, or tendons are exposed
  • The wound is more than 1/8inch deep
  • Dirt and debris are embedded
  • Bleeding will not stop after applying pressure
  • Cuts are marked with irregular and jagged edges
  • The location is on the hands, feet, or other high-stress joints

Maximize your settlement with skilled legal counsel

In more serious cases of laceration injury, victims will require not only sutures, but surgery to repair nerve and soft tissue damage, and in some cases, plastic surgery to help minimize eventual scarring. The recovery process can be lengthy, emotionally-draining, and very expensive, especially for victims who suffered facial or head lacerations.

A qualified personal injury attorney at Hobbs Law Group can help victims seek appropriate damages for their resulting loss of income, hospital bills, lost earning potential, pain and suffering. We are well-versed in the tactics used by insurance companies to mitigate losses, and know how to build strong cases that demand full and fair compensation for your laceration injury.

With the benefit of skilled legal counsel, victims won’t be forced into settling for less than they deserve, which could leave them saddled with unpaid medical bills.

Leading causes of laceration injuries

Car accidents are a top cause of debilitating laceration injuries and gashes requiring hospitalization and emergency treatment. In addition to vehicle collisions, Hobbs Law Group handles laceration cases arising from:

  • Bicycle and pedestrian accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Slip and falls on dangerous properties
  • Construction site accidents
  • Workplace accidents
  • Falling objects
  • Dog bites and animal attacks

Laceration injury attorneys Los Angeles residents rely on

We offer aggressive advocacy and exceptional client service to accident victims, and leverage the experience to maximize your recovery, while holding negligent parties accountable for their actions. Protect your rights after a laceration injury. Schedule your consultation with a personal injury lawyer by calling our Claremont, CA office today.

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