There are several types of commercial truck accidents. These collisions can involve a single 18-wheeler or a pileup with multiple other vehicles. All of these accidents have the potential to cause severe bodily injuries, as well as a much higher fatality rate. If you’ve been the victim of this type of collision, our team of truck wreck lawyers can advocate for you, so you can focus on rebuilding your life.

Rollover Semi Truck Accidents

Arguably the most devastating type of truck accident is known as a rollover. This type of crash occurs when a commercial vehicle loses control, flips, and rolls over on its side. It is particularly devastating given the number of other motorists that could potentially be involved. When trucks rollover, the length of the trailer spans multiple lanes– causing severe damage to numerous motor vehicles, cyclists, or pedestrians.

Jackknife Truck Accidents

Another type of accident that is virtually synonymous with commercial trucks is the jackknife. This happens when a commercial vehicle’s cab begins traveling in a different direction than the trailer– resulting in the trailer folding in like a pocketknife. They are especially common on wet or slippery roadways. When drivers overcorrect after losing control, their vehicle begins to slide sideways with the cab folded over against the trailer.

Overweight Semi Truck Accidents

Overweight trucks frequently cause some of the most severe accidents because they are more challenging to bring to a complete stop. What’s more, oversized trucks can cause significantly more damage in a collision. They are also more likely to be top-heavy, resulting in an increased risk of a rollover.

Side-Impact Truck Accidents

A side-impact crash occurs when a truck collides into the side of another vehicle. This can be deadly given the limited padding on the sides of passenger vehicles. Side-impact accidents most often occur when a motorist or commercial truck driver runs a red light or stop sign and collides with cross-traffic.

Rear-end Semi Truck Collisions

Rear-end collisions are the most common with commercial vehicles– given the amount of space they require to come to a complete stop. Often, truck drivers will stop too late to prevent a crash.

Head-on Semi Truck Collisions

A head-on collision with a commercial truck occurs for the same reasons as any other type of vehicle. The crucial difference is that it often has fatal consequences. This type of crash can happen when a truck driver drifts over the center line into oncoming traffic for various reasons, including intoxication, fatigue, or distraction. Even crossing over the line by a few feet could be enough to cause a devastating crash. Experienced truck accident lawyers could assist with pursuing a claim involving a head-on collision.

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