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Insurance Bad Faith

Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer in Claremont, CA

Glendora lawyer enforces the terms of your insurance policy

An insurance policy is a legally binding contract. If you’ve paid your premiums faithfully, you’re entitled to receive the benefits you were promised. If your insurance company commits a bad faith refusal to honor your policy, it has not only breached your contract, it has committed a tort — a civil injury — against you.

If you suspect bad faith from the way your insurer responded to your claim, Hobbs Law Group can help. We litigate cases of long- and short-term care denials, life insurance denials, theft claim denials and more. You may be entitled to receive the amount of your claim, plus monetary damages for mental anguish and punitive damages against the company.

How to recognize bad faith on the part of your insurer

Bad faith isn’t simply a denial of your claim. Bad faith is action taken with a willful disregard for your rights, and it’s illegal. You may suspect bad faith when an insurance company:

  • Fails to act promptly to investigate your claim
  • Seems to delay while processing your claim
  • Does not return phone calls or answer other queries about your claim
  • Denies your claim without conducting a reasonable investigation
  • Misrepresents facts related to your claim or provisions of your policy

Protection from insurance tactics

Because our economy relies so heavily on insurance in order to run smoothly, our civil law has additional punishments for companies that operate in bad faith. A successful bad faith action against an insurer compensates you for your claim, plus the stress and anxiety caused by the bad faith denial. Finally, there are punitive damages — a monetary award to you meant to punish and discourage this type of behavior in the future. Punitive damages can be as much as three times the value of your claim.

Contact a bad faith litigation attorneys for denied insurance claims in California

If you think your insurer may have engaged in bad faith with regards to your insurance claim, contact Hobbs Law Group at 626-782-4520 or contact us online for free consultation.

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