An insurance policy is a legally binding contract. We purchase insurance to protect our families, our homes, our health, and our businesses against catastrophic financial and personal losses. When disaster strikes and the unthinkable occurs, we turn to these policies to mitigate damages.

If you’ve paid your premiums faithfully, you are entitled to receive the benefits promised in your contract. When your provider inexplicably denies your claim or rescinds your coverage on the basis of unfounded misrepresentations, you need the guidance of a Los Angeles insurance bad faith lawyer.

Protect your rights by aligning yourself with skilled legal counsel at Hobbs Law Group. Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers have an established track record of handling complex insurance bad faith cases. We have the expertise and resources to achieve justice for clients who have been wronged by their insurance companies.

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Our veteran legal team handles insurance bad faith claims throughout the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area, including:

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If your insurance company commits a bad faith refusal to honor your policy, it has not only breached your contract, it has committed a tort — a civil injury — against you.

At Hobbs Law Group, we know the tactics employed by insurers to avoid paying valid claims. We litigate cases of long- and short-term care denials, life insurance denials, theft claim denials, and more. Insurance companies know that we have the trial skills to take claims to court if a favorable settlement is not negotiated.

When you feel backed into a corner, you can count on us to fight for the benefits and compensation that you deserve. You may be entitled to receive the full value of your claim, plus monetary damages for mental anguish and punitive damages against the company.

What Is Bad Faith Insurance?

In the United States, insurance companies owe a legal duty of good faith and fair dealing with the individuals whom they insure. Bad faith can take many forms: when an insurer improperly refuses to defend a lawsuit or unfairly misrepresents contract verbiage to avoid paying a legitimate claim.

Insurance companies act in bad faith when they purposefully fail to disclose policy terms, exclusions, and limitations at the time of purchase. They act in bad faith when they make unreasonable demands on policyholders to prove a covered loss or peril.

Bad faith, at its core, is action taken with a willful disregard for your rights, and it’s illegal. You may suspect bad faith when an insurance company:

  • Fails to investigate your claim in a timely manner
  • Seems to delay while processing your claim
  • Does not return phone calls or answer queries about your claim
  • Fails to disclose your policy limitations
  • Denies your claim without conducting a reasonable investigation
  • Offers to pay less money than the claim is actually worth
  • Fails to confirm or deny coverage within a reasonable time period
  • Misrepresents facts related to your claim or provisions of your policy

Protect your rights with a bad faith insurance lawyer

In the wake of an unforeseen disaster – something you’ve prepared for by buying insurance coverage — don’t let your provider get away with bad faith practices. You have already been victimized once, and now it’s time to level the playing field with powerful legal advocacy.

A Los Angeles personal injury attorney from Hobbs Law Group can increase your chances of securing the money to which you were rightfully entitled. A successful claim can net not only the value of the original claim, but out-of-pocket expenses, litigation fees, and punitive damages in cases where the insurer acted egregiously.

Insurance companies are more interested in preserving their bottom line than paying full benefits on claims. They will often take advantage of the fact that most policyholders are unaware of their rights and protections under the law.

Whether you suspect bad faith for a claim on your homeowner’s insurance, disability, or business interruption policy, you can count on Hobbs Law Group for results-focused representation.

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